Social projection - Marcelinus, new sweaters of lifetime, textile proximity


Integra is a private, Garrotxa-based non-profit-making organization founded in 1968 whose primary aim is to offer support to people with physical and mental learning difficulties. It is divided into a number of areas that revolve around the different life stages of the people it assists.

One such area is Occupational Therapy, and Marcelinus collaborates by supplying the offcuts from its workshop that are generated during the manufacture of its jerseys and accessories.

In the area of Adult Occupation the offcuts are separated according to size and colour and are then used to create products for Integra’s shop, A MA Botiga-Taller. Of no apparent value, these offcuts are the basis of the collection Patch and are used to stuff and cover various objects such as soft toys, key rings, cushions and bags. In this way, Marcelinus ensures that full use is made of the textiles it produces.

If you would like to purchase some of these products, you can find them at: A Mà botiga-taller, C/Bonaire, 8  17800 Olot Tel. 659716242. Alternatively, get in touch at

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