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MARCELINUS, local textiles

The clothing manufacturer Marcelinus was launched in Olot in the county of La Garrotxa in 2008 and presented its first collection in the winter of 2008–9.

Olot boasts a long tradition of textile production and our manufacturing process takes full advantage of the experience and know-how of the city’s numerous small textile companies that, despite the crisis of the 1990s that hit this sector so hard, have survived and adapted to the current economic situation.  Local weavers, spinners, dyers, suppliers and seamstresses all participate directly in the manufacture of our jerseys.

Our company takes its name from the brand of jerseys we manufacture. This type of jersey was the typical garment that farm labourers and factory workers once wore to keep warm. In La Garrotxa they have always been called Marcelinus or Camachos after the trade-union leader, Marcelino Camacho, who would wear this type of zipped-up jersey that his wife would make for him by hand. In other parts of Catalonia, they are known as Vespas or even Poor man’s jerseys.

At Marcelinus we have taken this traditional garment and reinvented and adapted it to match current trends in fashion. We have redesigned it but have made sure that none of its characteristics – comfort, wearability, warmth – have been lost. In some of our designs, we still use the original Marcelinus fabric, which is spun from thread recycled from triturated textile offcuts.

We hope that projects such as Marcelinus will help areas with an industrial past and experience, as well as with a long tradition of industrial production, to conserve jobs and create more possibilities of employment.

Marcelinus is a traditional jersey brought up-to-date.
Marcelinus aims to keep the textile tradition of the city of Olot alive.
Marcelinus jerseys are designed, woven and sewn wholly in Olot. They are 100% local products.