How are they made? - Marcelinus, new sweaters of lifetime, textile proximity

Where are they made?

Marcelinus are designed, woven and sewn wholly in Olot. Our workshop is at Carrer Anglès, 15, in Olot.

The process involved in manufacturing a Marcelinus is long and laborious as in certain phases the jerseys are essentially handcrafted.

The first step is to select the yarn, which will depend on the fabric that we want to use (wool, cotton or recycled cloth) and the colours. We use a number of different suppliers and, once they deliver the yarn, we then supply our weavers with the gauge (thickness and density) that we want them to weave. Each has a knitting machine that is adapted to the type of cloth we require. As the pieces of fabric are produced, we wash them according to their colour and dry them so that they shrink as textiles do when washed for the first time. Then we are ready to beginning the cutting and sewing. The jerseys are cut individually – bodies, sleeves, necks, pockets, and so forth – and when all the pieces have been cut and sorted by size, they are then sewn together. Once assembled, each jersey is pressed, the sizes are checked to avoid errors, and the jerseys are prepared for sale. We place a hand-sewn ribbon around the folded jersey to stop it falling open when being moved  … and also because we don’t like using plastic bags!

The jersey is then ready to be sent to our shops or to the clients of our online shop.